Cookies policy

As with most Internet sites, this Website uses Cookies to improve and optimise the user experience.  Below, you will find detailed information on what Cookies are, what type this Website uses, how you can disable them in your browser and how to specifically block the installation of third-party Cookies.


The use of Cookies allows you to optimise your browsing, by adapting the information and services offered to your interests.


Cookies are associated only with anonymous users and their computers and do not provide references that access to their personal data. You can access your browser configuration at any time to modify and/or block the installation of Cookies sent by this Website, without preventing access to the contents;  however, performance may be affected.


Users who complete the registration process or have logged in with their access data will be able to access personalised services adapted to their preferences according to the personal information provided at the time of registration and stored in their browser’s Cookie.


Indicate the additional technical measures used, for example:

This Website uses permanent Cookies, which expire when the purpose for which they serve is met or when manually deleted; they have a deletion date and are normally used in the process of online purchase, customisations or registration, so a password does not to have to be entered constantly.


Also, first and third party Cookies can be distinguished, depending on who the entity is that manages the equipment or domain from which cookies are sent and processes the data obtained.


First party Cookies are those sent to your computer and managed exclusively by this Website to improve its operation.  The information collected is used to improve the quality of our service and your user experience.

Type of cookies 


Purpose / information 

Processing period


These Cookies are used to improve your browsing experience and optimise the operation of our websites.  They store service configurations so you don’t have to reconfigure them every time you visit us. 

Video or sound player volume settings; video transmission speeds which are compatible with your browser; and items stored in the shopping cart in E-commerce Services, for example.



Each time a User visits a Service, a tool from an external provider adds an Analytical Cookie on the User’s computer.  This Cookie is created during the visit and will serve for future visits to Agramar to identify the visitor anonymously. 

The Cookie allows for anonymous identification of Users (it identifies browsers and devices, not people) and therefore gives an approximate count of the number of visitors and their trends over time.  It identifies the most visited and most attractive content for Users anonymously.  It knows if the User is new or on a repeat visit.  These Cookies will be used only for statistical purposes to help optimise and improve the experience of Users of the Website. 


First party advertising

This type of Cookie expands the information of the advertisements shown to each anonymous User.

Among others: the duration or frequency of display of advertising positions, the interaction with them, browsing patterns and/or User behaviour is stored as they help shape an advertising profile.  Thus, they help in offering advertising related to the interests of the User.


Behavioural advertising 

Advertising model based on consumer behaviour for which a cookie collects anonymous information about browsing habits. 

The aim is to offer advertising to users according to their interests.



These are produced once Users have registered or subsequently open their sessions, and are used for store identification. 

They keep Users identified, even after closing the site or browser; so that when they re-enter the same site they will still be identified.  If Users log out, this Cookie is deleted and the next time they enter the Service they will have to log in to be identified.  Additionally, some cookies can use connectors with social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.



These Cookies are completely anonymous and are used only to guide the content to your location. 

These Cookies are used to check your country when you request registration or access to the store. 


Some services may use connectors with various social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin).  By using the social registry, you authorise the social network to store a persistent Cookie.  This Cookie remembers your identification in the service, making access much faster in subsequent visits.  This Cookie can be deleted, and you can cancel the service access permissions of this site from the privacy settings of the specific social network.


By browsing and continuing on this Website you will be consenting to the use of Cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy.  Access to this Cookies Policy is given when registering with the objective of informing users, notwithstanding they may exercise their rights to preventing, deleting and rejecting the use of Cookies at all times.


Check your browser’s website for all the information about managing cookies on your browser.